Unconventional Rainy Day with Hunter Boots

4:44 PM Lisa Prang 0 Comments

7am hits and you check outside your window. Yet again, another rainy day. What is your go-to rainy day look? Jeans, knit sweater and rain jacket + boots? I thought so. Let's mix it up, let's pretend it's not raining out. What would you wear? 

Spice up your grey day and add some color to the streets. Keep your favorite rain boots on (mine are these black Hunter boots via Zappos) and grab a rain jacket -- Obviously those are an essential. However, don't let the rain stop you from feelin' some type of way! I paired my Hunter boots with one of my favorite midi dresses, perfect length for those dreaded puddles. Layer up with a cozy sweater overtop and belt or trendy fanny pack for definition. Lastly, per usual, add in those accessories. Scarfs, hats or jewelry -- you decide! But hey, who's going to stop you. Wear your unconventional rainy day look every day of the week. Rain or shine!

The Hunter Play Boot is the newest style from Hunter and offers a fresh take on the
Hunter Original rain boot. The Hunter Play Boot is now available in exclusive colors that you can only get at Zappos!

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xoxo Lisa