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Y'ALL! Last weekend feels like a complete dream. Is it overreacting if I say best weekend of my life? It quite literally tops most trips I've ever been on! I am going to write a second Coachella recap blog about my thoughts / tips -- In that post I'll go more into details but until then, I'll leave you with a cliffhanger like PARTYING WITH LEONARDO DECAPRIO... What? Yep.

I put together a little round of of my favorite looks I wore to not only the festival but also some more casual everyday looks I wore around during our trip!

Also, a huge shoutout to Elle Jae Gypset. All my incredible experiences couldn't have been possible without them! (Totally sounds like something I would say if I were accepting an award, am I right?!). If you are unaware of who they are, they make AMAZING handbags. The perfect mix between modern and bohemian silhouettes!

Obviously Coachella isn't possible without your girl gangs!

This first look was actually my favorite of the entire weekend. Something about the feminine skirt and edgy layering made it not only so fun to wear but made for some epic photos! 

In all honesty, I wasn't sure how much I would love wearing this dress because of all the excess fabric but surprisingly LOVED IT! I'd say comfiest look of the weekend. It's really worth feeling comfy and confident while at the festival! OH! And this sock / boot combo I'm still dying over. RIP to my socks though lol! If y'all didn't know, the dirt / dust / sand can get really bad and my precious white star socks are currently sitting in a tub of bleach HAHA!

Dress | Boots | Socks  

Casual looks for morning coffee and breakfast! 

Maxis are life. Literally. I'm not sure how I would live without em! This one from Lovestitch was my Day 1 look. I was so exhausted the first day that I needed something comfortable to wear! Long story short, our cabin we stayed in, in joshua tree didn't have electricity and we stayed up WAY TOO LATE trying to figure out how to use the wood heater + the three hour time change definitely caught up to me!

Like I said, maxis for lifeeee. Our first morning in Joshua Tree I wore yet again another amazing Lovestitch dress with the same Shop Moda jewels! Shoutout to Boulders Hideaway for hosting us!

AHHH! So many girl bosses. I've been friends with Casey of Offically Quigley and Nikia of Mad Maven Style for a few years now and finally we were able to meet IRL! It was amazingness and so was Dani from Dazey LA's desert house! Love these gals!

I can't believe all the crazy experiences we were able to be apart of weekend 1 of Coachella. Stay tuned in the next couple days for ALL THE JUICY DETAILS! 

xoxo Lisa 


  1. Where are your big white pom pom earrings from? So freaking cute! I like your style.
    xx Riley |

  2. Can't choose one favourite, they are all so cool! :)

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