Picnic with That's It.!

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It's been quite a while since I've done a post featured around food! I'm a HUGE lover of allll the food. However, mainly the healthy kinds. Sure, I will indulge on some chunky creamy ice cream every once in a while but most the time, I try to nourish my body with wholesome good-for-the-body foods! I've always been aware of the foods I put in my body however, it wasn't until I started working for On Target Living a few months ago that I became even more aware.

My first week I worked for OTL my co-workers had me try a That's It. bar and I became hooked! I even started buying them to have at home and ended up getting my dad hooked on them too! That's It. bars are only made of two ingredients. My favorite flavors being, Apple Strawberry and Apple Cherry! THAT'S IT! And they are actually really yummy! And to make it even better - They recently came out with their fruit truffle bites. It's basically the bar rolled dipped in dark chocolate! A sweet treat that doesn't make you feel guilty!

Bars | Truffles

xoxo Lisa

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  1. it must have been such a lovely day for a picnic. that just makes it all the more worth it too. thank you for this post it makes me want to have one too