NYC Day #4 Recap!

8:56 PM Lisa Prang 0 Comments

Day #4! Our last day in NYC was a blast! 
From epic views, to shopping, and eating good food, we rounded out our trip with a bang!

We started out our day sleeping in of course then heading out for lunch! Averie and I went to by Chloe, seriously the best vegan "fast food" I've ever had. I recommend going at least once in your life! I got a guacamole veggie burger that I've been craving ever since! After lunch we walked around town and then went to The Crown hotel to check out this epic skyline view and delicious bar to get drinks to celebrate an awesome week!

After drinks we went shopping at Zara and Top Shop then headed back to the hotel to change - since it was seriously so hot out! I changed into this floral midi dress I bought from Zara and we headed back out, took pics, and eventually found a cute spot for dinner!

Thanks for reading along! 
That's a wrap of my time in NYC!

xoxo Lisa