My #1 Favorite Swimwear for Summer!

9:53 PM Lisa Prang 0 Comments

And here we have it! I've worked with Aerie many times in the past however, this summer I wanted to highlight Aerie yet again for being my #1 favorite swimwear brand for summer! Not only do their suits look fabulous on all body types, the comfort is what has me sold and coming back for more! I've never been 100% comfortable wearing a suit in public however, for some reason, wearing Aerie gives me the extra confidence I need! It's really a pain to wear an uncomfortable suit all day at the pool or beach, so comfort in my suits is always a necessity. In addition, I really have a passion for brands that highlight the inner beauty of women and girls around the globe. Aerie has always been a brand that has stuck out to me when I think of empowering women's imperfections and inner strength. With that said, take a peek at how I styled two of my favorite suits this summer!

xoxo Lisa