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As I mentioned in my last post, I spent all last week in Alexandria Virginia visiting my boyfriend Tyler! I became pretty familiar with Old Town really quick as I spent almost 4 entire days walking around there. I absolutly loved the town and think it's definitely a great place to check out if you ever find yourself close to the area. If I had to describe Old Town quickly I would say it's a safe town full of the cutest shops and restaurants where the friendliest people live! 

While I was there I filled my day of checking out coffee shops and browsing cute boutiques while Tyler was at work. We would meet for lunch and then explore Old Town and the surrounding cities during the evenings. One of the days I also did a fun collaboration with Anthropologie and their DC / Alexandria location. I met up with the super stylish gal who runs the Anthro_DC Instagram, Lindsay, and we shot some really amazing looks that I've been posting non stop on Instagram! I will also add a few photos below showing you some of the epic looks!

Below I listed a few of my favorite spots that are on my "must see" list for y'all!



( Dress | Bag | Hat )

Okay, so seriously I spent almost three mornings here doing computer work while getting a bite to eat. I had the best experience with the food and coffee and I definitely 100% recommend the chai tea latte - it was warm creamy heaven in a cup! I also made friends with one of the workers, she recognized me every time I walked in and it felt so nice to be recognized and welcomed, especially in a new city I've never been before!

Website HERE


So, not just in my opinion, I can attest that Tyler would agree, Killer E.S.P. has thee best iced coffee ever. Yes ever. This was the first coffee shop Tyler took me too because he is obsessed with the latte they serve with a triple shot espresso + Nutella (They also give you the spoon to lick after - how funny!). I got an iced vanilla latte and it was so yummy I didn't want it to end! and I can't forget to mention, the building is bright blue. Perfect for a photo-op! 

Website HERE

3. Ben & Jerry's

Okay, I know I know. Alexandria has many other cute ice cream shops however, I'm the kind of gal who likes her ice cream with ALLLL the chunks! haha! The salted caramel is THE BEST. It has blondie brownie chunks in it and I just keep dreaming about that gooey goodness in a waffle cone ever since I left! It's also located near the waterfront so it's a perfect date night.


( Dress | Shoes )

I never actually went here and I'm SO sad I didn't. When I come back later this summer this place is on my must try! Nicecream is a locally hand-crafted ice cream shop made with liquid nitrogen - how cool! I took pictures in front of the shop with Anthro before they were open for the day but, I will of course be trying it next time I visit because we have nothing like that here in the Lansing area... That I know of, haha!

Website HERE


YUM. My mouth waters just thinking about their sweet potato quinoa tacos! Insert heart eyes here. This place is such a great lunch spot. They have $2.75 tacos, they are smaller in size however, three filled me up! Not forgetting to mention the "small" order of guaq is so dang good. It was the perfect portion for two people.

Website HERE


Close to the best pizza I've ever had. Before Buggsy's I hadn't had pizza in probably a few months, so I might be a little bias however, it was dang good pizza! Tyler and I both got small deep dishes and I was in heaven. I got onion and green peppers on mine and Ty got their chicken bbq. If you're super super DUPER hungry I bet you could eat an entire small by yourself however, we both had leftovers! 

Website HERE


Best bar experience by far. We sat at the bar and had the most fun time with the bartenders! There was an older gentleman serving us our drinks and he had such amazing stories! The other bartenders were also super fun but Tyler and I both could not stop talking about how friendly they were. Definitely made our 40 minute drink stop a memorable one! OH! And they had some great deals for Happy Hour!

Website HERE

There were some other awesome restaurants, bars, and foodie stops however, these are the few that I would go to again, and again!



( Pants | Top | Hat )

( Skirt | Top )

Since it is my favorite store, it's first on my list! I had such an amazing time shooting for Anthro_DC and as always, they have the most epic clothing! It's hard to go in there and not want to buy every single item you see. We got pretty lucky because the weather was beautiful and Alexandria has some of the prettiest picture spots! The townhouses that lined the streets were seriously the cutest things I've ever seen! It's not common to see anything other than the same color brick or beige buildings here where I live in Michigan so when there were streets on streets on streets of these townhouses I died! From the colorful doors to the entrance detailing, no two houses were the same! 

But anyway, back to the store - like any Anthro, the window displays were beautiful and the clothing is always spot on. It had an upstairs which added an extra element of surprise!


 This by far is a hidden gem in Old Town. For those who like to shop gently used, this is the cutest shop for you! It's a resale shop selling major name brand clothing and accessories however, it's not like any old cluttered resale shop. This boutique was set up so fashionably well and was very well lit (silly detail I know haha). I bought a really fun floral bell-sleeve top that I'm looking forward to styling!

Website HERE


Not to be confused with LuLu the athletic wear. Lou Lou is a brightly colored boutique filled on-trend jewelry and fun clothing. I have never seen this shop anywhere else however, Lou Lou must be a chain down in the Virginia / DC area because while we were checking out the other surrounding cities like Georgetown, Arlington, and DC, we saw these everywhere! I eyed a pair of bright blue statement earrings the first time I went in and then when we were in Arlington, I bought them! I would say if you are unfamiliar with this boutique it's worth checking out! 

Website HERE


( Jeans | Shoes )

I know, another chain store however, if you're a shoe lover like me - You won't want to pass up a visit from the Nine West Outlet! The day I went in they had 40% off EVERYTHING and I scored thee coolest pink statement sandals! 

I hope this little travel guide helps in your next visit to Old Town!

(Tyler and I in DC)

xoxo Lisa

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  1. I love your outfits! This Virginia looks like such an adorable place to visit!