Must-Have Spring Transitional Staples

9:10 PM Lisa Prang 1 Comments

Yep. I feel like I've been a pro at dressing for every season this past week. The midwest is definitely not known for the most smooth seasonal transitions, if ya know what I mean! The other day I left the house wearing a dress and sandals. Yesterday I wore my winter coat and combat boots. And today, it's raining and 55. 

Throughout the years living in Michigan, I've gotten pretty good at keeping a few transitional pieces in my closet for each season. For the crummy winter to spring months, because let's face it, Michigan basically.. maybe..  has one REAL week of "spring". It's either 35 and snowing or 75 and humid. However, for these interesting weather days, I always have a pair of cropped jeans, heeled sandal or mule, and layer-able top. And of course I can't forget, a HAT!

Cropped jeans are as easy as cutting 1 or 2 inches off your favorite worn out pair of pants! I will link a few of my favorite (already cropped) jeans under $60 here:

As for heeled sandals and mules, they are always cute without socks. However, don't be afraid to throw on a cute pair of socks for the cooler days! Shop my favs here:

A great layer-able top is always a must for any season! Like the one I'm wearing, it's super lightweight and flowy so it would be easy to add a tank on underneath and a thicker sweater on over top! Shop my favorite spring tops here:

Lastly, my favorite... a hat! Hat's are always my go-to every season. If it's raining, snowing, or the sun is shining, a hat has always got your back! I linked tons of my current favs here:

xoxo Lisa

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