Festival Style!

8:17 PM Lisa Prang 2 Comments

OMG. You all are the best. These photos from this shoot were some of my most liked pictures on Instagram ever. Like EVER. And I posted them all within the past week! Too awesome guys. This look was styled around festival season and is perfect timing because Coachella starts next weekend! I teamed up with A'GACI and styled their wrap skirt, graphic tee, and platform heels! This look is something I would wear on an everyday basis however, to make it a bit more "festival" appropriate, I added some fun jewelry / accessories and also a bandana to act as a thick choker! 

Shop this look below:

Skirt || Top || Heels || Purse || Necklace || Sunnies

xoxo Lisa


  1. This look was also a fave of mine, I love the platform heels!

    Love, Karina
    Peep my latest post!
    The Lovely Look

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