Old Navy #SayHi - Neo-Nautical!

1:48 PM Lisa Prang 0 Comments

Partnering up with Old Navy for todays post to #SayHi to fun fashion! There are many reasons to smile and I am smiling today mostly because 1. spring is right around the corner and 2. because it's time to bring the fun, personality, and real-life moments into fashion! 

I styled a few of my recent favorite pieces via Old Navy to #SayHi to my outgoing personality! I'm a HUGE fan of mixing prints (if you could't already tell haha!) so I went for a more Neo-Nautical look. Bringing brighter colors, fun prints, and my  personal outgoing twist to the nautical trend! The three main nautical pieces of this look include the Striped Tee, Twill Jacket, and Canvas Sneaker. Instead of going the more classic route of wearing jeans or white pants, I layered on this super fun Swing Dress that made this look much more me! Might I add, I even wore this dress backwards because, why not! I loved how I could see more of the striped top when the "back" was un buttoned! That's mostly my favorite thing about fashion, the never ending possibilities! 

Shop this full look below:

xoxo Lisa