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Currently posting from the sunny state of Florida! What better place to love the swim you're in!? For the second year in a row, Aerie is asking girls to help spread body positivity to the beach and beyond! For every 100% unreatouched swim photo you post with #AerieREAL, they will donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the National Eating Disorder Association. Help spread the word and encourage everybody to love the swim their in!

Today I'm wearing the cutest Aerie suits with pineapple detailing! When I'm on the beach, I love to be comfortable and confident. It's always been a struggle for me when it comes to body image. As I'm getting older and my body is starting to change, I have realized that all the time I spend body shaming myself or wishing I was skinner, or my thighs were't so muscly, I could be spending that time happy and proud of my body! I love this specific campaign because it's reassuring to not only myself, but millions of girls out there that we are beautiful just the way we are, unfiltered!  

xoxo Lisa


  1. Love the swimsuit! I was just looking at new swimsuit too!


  2. You are such a bombshell for one!!! I love both suits they are so cute. Your images are so good they make me so happy!!

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