Tulle-tully Feminine

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Start of the new year which means, I'm totally craving warmer weather! It's been a freezing cold winter here in Michigan and I'm ready to just throw on a dress and sandals and head out the door! However it hasn't been that easy/ I have to spend an extra 10 minutes finding gloves, hats. and scarves! SPRING, I'm ready for you. 

Today's look is inspired by spring - I was super thankful for this warm green house because I wouldn't have been able to bare the cold wearing only tulle and lace! burrr! Anywho, this pretty skirt and top are both via A'gaci. I love the muted neutral tones and decided to pull another color by adding fun blue platform sandals!

Shop this look below:

Top || Skirt *only $25! || Necklace || Sandals

xoxo Lisa

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  1. Oh my gosh Lisa!!!! You are actually the cutest person I have ever seen. Your blog makes me so happy!!!

    Love bella