Trending Now: Pink Tones

3:44 PM Lisa Prang 3 Comments

A few weeks ago I was researching upcoming trends for 2017 and I saw that pink tones were going to be all the rage. After forgetting about what I read, it must have stuck in the back of my head because lately I've been wearing pink hues and tones alllll the time, not even because I read about it! I think it's partially because I'm itching for warmer weather and I've already started photographing for spring even though it's still only just January.. 

Maxi skirts are always a go-to for me. I would wear them everyday if I could! Last summer I grew a pretty large collection of them however, blogging them over and over would get a little too repetitive. This year I'm making it my goal to grow my collection just a bit bigger to give y'all some awesome options!

Alike maxi skirts, graphic tees are always a must in my closet. I styled this White Crow motorcycle tee a few months back, but decided to bring it out again to pair with this pretty pink bomber. I really like the subtle contrast of the pink bomber vs. the more rock n' roll grunge tee. Similarly to the distressed booties vs. floral skirt. Sometimes I just like to mix it up and play around with trends, colors, and styles. That's what fashion is all about!

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xoxo Lisa


  1. Girl you look so good, I am loving that bomber. The pink tones are so pretty.

  2. I am loving all the pink tones! Also, your sunnies are amazing!

    -Ana |

  3. Loving how you styled this bomber jacket. You look great!

    Love, Lindsey