Classic Black & Blue Jeans

9:10 PM Lisa Prang 2 Comments

So I decided since I over posted my California pictures on Instagram that I won't be sharing the other outfits here on the blog! If you want to see like a million Cali pics, be sure to check out my IG :)

Todays look is super casual but makes a great simplistic holiday outfit. I dressed up my NA-KD jeans (which are super awesome by the way) by paring them with a dressy black tank from Noa Elle and a fur bomber jacket.

Also added in my Timex watch to class things up a bit because we all have to remember to #taketime during the holiday season!

Shop this look below:

Jeans || Tank || Jacket || Hat || Watch || Heels

xoxo Lisa


  1. It is a great, simple outfit! Hope you had fun in California!


  2. I love the hat Lisa! This is such a cute look!

    Love, Karina
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