Sea Side Sporty Style

2:05 PM Lisa Prang 1 Comments

During the fall and winter months here in Michigan it's almost always a fact you will catch a cold. Unfortunately for me this season it hit me hard! Our weather is seriously SO confusing. If you follow my Instagram stories you probably already know by now but last week it snowed, two days ago it was almost 80 degrees and today it's raining.. seriously the worst combination ever, especially when you have an awful cold like this gal.

Todays outfit is inspired by the lazier days when we don't necessarily feel like caring about what we look like, even though in reality, we actually care a lot. Haha! This look is simple, comfortable, and still cute! It's a chic step up from baggy sweats but adding a hat brings it all together ;)

And hey, athleisure is in guys! 

Sweater || Pants || Shoes || Denim || Hat

xoxo Lisa

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