TFD #2: Two Simple Toast Recipes

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Tuesday = Food Day! Back with my second #TuesdayFoodDay post showing you guys two really simple toast ideas that I make every week!

Guacamole Toast:

This toast is something I crave! It's the perfect meal before a big day ahead. Typically I eat this when I have an early morning and know I wont be having a later lunch. The healthy fats and nutrients keep me full and satisfied all day and usually I will also have a side of cantaloup or grapes with it! I sometimes even eat this for lunch or dinner too, just depend on the day!

I prefer making my own guaq over store bought so this is my go-to recipe. 
I usually just eyeball all the ingredients too, so just make it to taste!

1 serving:

- 1 large avocado 
- fresh cilantro 
(just a light handful chopped)
- cumin seasoning
- spoonful salsa

I use nine grain bread from a local bread bakery (Great Harvest Bread)
I add the guaq on the bread with onion, whole milk organic feta, and sesame seeds

Nut Butter & Jelly Toast:

YUM. I love this toast so much. I use the same bread with THE BEST almond butter. Seriously the best guys. It has vanilla and cinnamon with flax, chia, and hemp seeds. It taste better and is so much healthier than regular peanut butter. I also get that from Great Harvest Bread but you can also get it HERE. For the jelly, I use a natural strawberry preserve from a local grocer (Fresh Thyme).

- Nut Butter
- Banana
- Jelly
-  Strawberries
- Honey

I top the entire toast with the nut butter and then half with chopped banana and half with strawberries. I drizzle the jelly over the banana and drizzle a small amount of honey over the strawberries. Such a great breakfast when you're craving something sweet.

If you guys recreate any of these recipes let me know! 
Post a picture with the hashtag #FoodWithLMPC 


xoxo Lisa