Summer Recap with Blowfish Shoes

6:22 PM Lisa Prang 2 Comments

Seriously though. It's totally true when people say time flies faster the older you get! I can't believe summer is ending right before our eyes! I've teamed up with Blowfish Shoes and thought since their trending hashtag is #BlowfishSummer, I would share a bit about what made my summer so great! 

Although this summer seemed to fly by, so many fun and memorable things happened! Firstly, I graduated college!? Whatttt, feels like just yesterday I graduated high school. Crazy. I achieved my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (anyone hiring?! ;) and look forward to using my degree in my everyday life! Secondly, my boyfriend also graduated college! It's so cool because since he's a year (and a day) older than me he would have graduated a year ahead. However, since I went through the summers I was able to graduate a year early! Anywho, he is mega smart. He just started grad school last week and I couldn't be more proud! In just a few short years he will be an eye doctor! 

This summer has been filled with friends and family, blog work, and searching for a "real" job! This summer it was my goal to spend extra time on my blog. Styling outfits and creating content for all you guys is my favorite job of all! I love it because my degree plays a role in it all too. Like all bloggers say, it would be an absolute dream to do this full-time however realistically I can't do that just yet! Maybe one day! Until then I'm trying to find something I enjoy just as much!

For todays look I styled my Blowfish Bala sandals with a pretty cold shoulder dress.

xoxo Lisa