TFD: Healthy Dip with CHOBANI!

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Happy Tuesday food day! Today I'm sharing a REALLY good recipe and I'm not just saying that. I made this dip 5 hours ago and it's already gone! Todays very easy recipe is based with plain Chobani greek yogurt. I made a roasted red pepper and garlic dip that is SO much better than any other chip dip (in my opinion). And not to mention, it's probably ten times healthier too!

This recipe is perfect for all your fall get togethers and football tailgates!

The recipe I made serves 2 people:

What you need / Ingredients: 

- 2 personal plain Chobani yogurt cups
- 1 red peper
- 1 tsp fresh garlic
- seasoning of your choice
(I used cumin, basil, cilantro, oregano, pepper, sesame seed, and minced garlic flakes)


Combine both yogurt cups into bowl
On a separate plate, chop 1/4 of your red pepper and sauté in a pan over low heat
Combine yogurt, red pepper, and garlic
Mix in (to taste) your seasoning

I paired my dip with spinach and kale chips and some fresh veggies!

If you make this recipe take a picture and tag me with #FoodWithLMPC :)


(Shout out to momma P for the hand modeling ^)

My dishes are from World Market!

xoxo Lisa