Cozy Fall with A'GACI

4:49 PM Lisa Prang 0 Comments

Dressing for comfort today with A'GACI! Some of you may look at this outfit and totally think it's in no way comfortable or "cozy". However, I'm a firm believer in dressing for YOU! Your comfort could be totally different from the person standing next to you. When I'm at home my kind of cozy is a cotton tee with pj pants but when I run errands or have plans my cozy is something I feel confident, comfortable, and ME in! Sooo, that brings us to this look. Typical fall outfits consist of jeans, cardigans, and boots. And hey, I'm not bashing that look at all because I wear that stuff too! I just like to mix things up and go for a dress and over the knee boots because it's what I feel the most me in! Maybe it's just me, but I feel the most comfortable in dresses over jeans, am I the only one? Overall, I think this is the perfect look for the pre fall season!

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Shop this look:

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xoxo Lisa