Tuesday Food Day! Nice Cream Smoothie

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Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm so excited to share with you all my new series on LMPC called "Tuesday Food Day"! This weekend I did a little test post with the 3 ingredient pancakes and it seemed to be a big hit! One thing I love besides fashion is cooking and baking healthy recipes. I also LOVE being behind the camera too. With that said, I'm excited to share with you all my new "collection" of ideas! I'm hoping my recipes can inspire you just as much as my outfits do! 

Since this is my first Tuesday Food Day post I thought I'd give a short blurb on my diet history. If you wanna go straight to the recipe feel free to just scroll down to the ingredients:


For as long as I can remember my body has been in a love hate relationship with food. When I was younger, I went months without eating a thing expect for fluids because I had a choking fear. One day I saw my sister eat a Cheese-it and I was like "man that looks good" so I ate one, and after months of barely eating I ate! A few years went by and I ate whatever I wanted. Middle school rolled around and we all know that's everyones awkward stage, and it definitely was for my friends and I. A few of my close friends started in with eating disorders and although I didn't, it played a big impact on me mentally. I started thinking to myself "is this going to happen to me"? "should I be doing this too"? I knew it was wrong and I liked food too much to do that, but still the thoughts made me weak in my stomach. After the awkward middle school years past, then came high school. 

High school was good, I swam and dove on the varsity swim and dive team all 4 years and became really focused on healthy eating and daily exercise. About around sophomore year I started in with daily stomachaches, heart burn, and acid reflux. No fun at all. I dealt with that by keeping a box of Tums with me at all times (which now to find out taking multiple Tums every day isn't great for you). By the end of high school it was straight to college where I attended art school. My first year of college consisted of the same stomach aches and pains and it started to worry me. I would get really nervous over it and my anxiety would take over and make my stomach 12 times worse to the point where I was in the bathroom ready to get sick. I never once threw up though however, every time I swore I was going to. This is when food started to play a big role in my life. I would eat very bland and very small servings because my nerves of the stomach ache made everything sound unappetizing.  I lost weight unwillingly and knew it wasn't all anxiety though. Because I would have the WORST stomach aches before my nerves kicked in. This went on for about two full years and I finally got a scope of my esophagus. I found out I had mild erosion and irritation from the acid reflux so I finally got that under control with a prescription and with a strict no acidity diet. No tomatoes, to ketchup, not a ton of fruit, no chocolate, ect. 

After getting off of the prescription, I was told to still be careful with what I ate and that if I did eat something acidic to take Zantac (a wonderful thing). But with my mind set, I still never ate any of it! I still had stomach aches a few times a week and started to see if I could control it with food. Ever sense I can remember I've never been a pop drinker, never ate at fast food, and rarely ate fried foods. So some of you may think well if you don't eat that then you're already eating healthy. Not true friends. "Healthy" is SO different for every human. No two people are the same and neither are our diets. I started to figure out what foods upset my stomach and started playing around with different lifestyle changes. About 8 months ago I prepped myself to become vegan, I research a ton about the lifestyle and read a ton of blogs. I was strictly vegan for 6 months and about a month ago realized it was making things worse. I became more moody (watch out for that soy) I became more tired and dizzy, my hair became brittle and my skin was breaking out and most upsettingly gained weight. I finally had enough. I went to my doctor and talked with her about my diet change and she gave me some good advice. About a month ago, on my own terms, I decided I needed to stop the vegan diet. Even though I really enjoyed the foods and my stomachaches did subside a little, the other side affects weren't worth it. 

That brings us to today. I've begun bringing back animal products very slowly and am keeping track of which foods I'm sensitive to. I still however love to eat vegan recipes on a daily basis. My stomach aches have subside but still experience "episodes" every once in a while. The body is a crazy, awesome, beautiful, and confusing thing! I am a firm believer that we should all listen to our bodies, keep a balance, and eat in moderation.

Sooo, after that book of a blurb I invite you all to be apart of my food journey and follow along each Tuesday with new recipes that are actually yummy, balanced, and healthy!

Nice Cream Smoothie 

This is a great recipe to substitute for sugary ice cream. Perfect when you're craving a sweet treat! This is easily done with any of your favorite smoothie recipes and ingredients.

* Begin making your nice cream by preparing your favorite smoothie in a blender. I suggest keeping it a little bit thicker and creamer than normal. This recipe doesn't need measuring just prepare to your liking. 

What I used -
-  Handful strawberries
- Handful blueberries 
- 1 banana
- Handful spinach
- Vanilla protein powder
- 5.3 oz cup Yoplait 100 cal greek vanilla yogurt
-  5.3 oz cup Yoplait 100 cal greek raspberry yogurt
- Almond milk
* Poured almond milk until almost but not covering contents 
Then blend until everything is completely blended

I poured the smoothie mix into a sealable rectangular container and then froze in the freezer for about 6 hours (or until the mix is at your desirable consistency). 

* I recommend using more bananas for a creamer texture however, mine turned out a bit more icier which I loved! Serve it topped with fresh fruit or granola or even in an ice cream cone!


If you recreate any of my Tuesday Food Day treats or meals, tag me on Instagram or with the hashtag #FoodWithLMPC


xoxo Lisa