Kortni Jeane Swimwear! Cacti Exclusive

11:49 AM Lisa Prang 4 Comments

Woo! First swim post of the year! 

This summer my goal is to collect the cutest suits and this cacti suit from Kortni Jeane is by far the prettiest, flattering, and most amazing swimsuit I have EVER seen! Not only does it have cacti on it, it's seriously so comfortable and so beyond flattering. What I love is that you can mix and match the swimwear to match your unique style! To be honest, I never thought I'd love to wear a one piece looking suit again but I'm in love! One pieces are totally trending this season however, I think this Kortni Jeane suit is the best of both worlds! 

Top || Kortni Jeane - sold out (similar)
Bottoms || Kortni Jeane (same)

xoxo Lisa


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