French Vibes + Hirigoyen Watch

10:49 PM Lisa Prang 4 Comments

With a black denim mini paired with a striped top and neck scarf, this look screams major french vibes! Carefully accessorizing, I added this beautiful yet classic watch from Hirigoyen. I love the rose gold metal mixed with the light grey leather. Perfect spring / summer watch!  

Watch || Hirigoyen  (same)
Skirt || Hot Kiss (similar)
Top || H&M (similar)
Coat || Forever 21 (similar)
Bandana || Urban Outfitters (same)
Boots || BedStu (same)
Sunnies || Ray-Ban (same)
Hat || Retail Therapy (similar)

xoxo Lisa

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  1. Absolutely one of my favorite looks from you thus far, I love the french vibes!

    Love, Karina
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    The Lovely Look

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