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Today marks two years of LMP Collections! 

Crazy to think how much time has past since I started the idea of making my own fashion blog. I started my blog with a desire to inspire others and to show my spin on current trends. For the first good 6 months of LMPC I just used a tiny little point and shoot camera with a tripod to photograph my own looks in front of blanks walls since I couldn't get my camera to focus anywhere else! I would find places to shoot my outfits where people couldn't see because god forbid anyone see me with a tripod taking pictures of my self in public. After I started getting more comfortable with people watching me take pictures, I started to venture to new places and adopted my dads Nikon D3100. Since then I've had supportive family and friends who help me photograph my looks.

It wasn't until about July 2014 that I realized blogging was a true passion of mine. I got a crazy surreal email from Seventeen Magazine one evening asking if they could use one of my Instagram pictures in their August issue! And of course I couldn't help to fan girl a little (A LOT) and share the good news with friends and family. After I got that email a spark lit within me and ever since that day it was my goal and passion to share with the world my 'collection' of outfits, styles, and ideas. Not just to take cool pictures of myself or to boast about how many pairs of shoes I have or the clothing options in my closet, but to share with you all my true burning passion. 

Since then, this last year has been filled with amazing opportunities I could have only dreamed about. I got the opportunity to work with essence Cosmetics as a stylist for their USA and Canada Launch early last year, and have continued working them ever since. essence has truly inspired my love for beauty and cosmetics. I'm proud to say that my picture has been displayed in Ulta around the country and most recently TARGET! Still hasn't hit me yet, but to walk into a store and see your face is truly a feeling that cannot be described. I thank essence for these opportunities I will never ever forget.

Another opportunity that was a great learning experience for me was traveling to Portland, Oregon summer 2015. I traveled and flew on a plane for the first time all by myself (and for those who don't know, I have major anxiety when traveling). So to fly across the country by myself knowing no one, was a major stepping stone. I proved to myself that I CAN put fear aside and am so glad I did! I was able to star in and work on set with SOREL Footwear and Jenn Rogien (Costume designer for HBO Girls and Orange is the New Black) for SOREL's fall style campaign. I met so many talented people while there and made lasting friendships.

Although I only stated two, there have been countless opportunities that have changed my life for the better. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to my friends and family and to all the brands, companies, agencies, and amazing people who not only believe in me but LMPC as well! Hope you all enjoy todays stylized look and I apologize for such a long post but blogiversaries only come once a year!

Top || Charlotte Russe (similar)
Skirt || Forever 21 (same)
Boots || c/o BedStu (same)
Belt || American Eagle (similar)
Hat || American Eagle (similar)

xoxo Lisa


  1. Happy blogaversary Lisa! I remember when we first met on here and man, how time flies! I consider you one of my blogger friends. I love your style and your whole blog. I can't wait to see you evolve even more!

    Love, Karina
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