Basically Black

2:38 PM Lisa Prang 0 Comments

As I've gotten older I find myself purchasing more black and neutral clothing. I think it's because the black gives a more chic and edgy vibe. This outfit is very casual however the black gives off a chic look while the shoes add some excitement. 

These ALYSIA shoes are not only super cute but they are SO comfortable. ALYSIA is known for their unique shoes stating "You're unique, your shoes should be too". What is really awesome about their site, is that you're able to shop stylish shoes but also having the option to customize them yourself. For example, modifying the height of your heel and selecting materials from a wide variety of styles. Every girls dream right!?

Shoes || c/o ALYSIA (same)
Pants || Old Navy (same)
Jacket || Forever 21 (same)
Top || Old Navy (same)
Purse || Forever 21 (similar)

xoxo Lisa