When To Splurge on Clothing

6:25 PM Lisa Prang 3 Comments

It seems to me that each year when the weather starts to drop, I over wear my jackets and coats. Comparing outerwear to everyday basics, the prices are much more expensive. However, sometimes it's beneficial to spend a little extra on those essential items that are supposed to keep us warm throughout these months ahead (Michiganders know what I'm talking about)! You must be thinking Lisa, do I seriously need to spend over $70 on a coat? & my answer is yes! Most of you know I'm a deal hunter, but sometimes you just have to splurge on what fits you best. Knowing what items to spend more money on than others is key. In my opinion, if you're looking for quality items, it's worth saving up the extra $$$ for these six articles of clothing: Winter jacket, leather jacket, fitted blazer, jeans, bras, and a black dress. Not saying you have to spend hundreds, because I definitely can't, that's for sure! But being aware and mindful of how clothing fits you can make you look like a million bucks when it fits just right!

With all that said, you NEED to splurge on this coat from Nautica.
It's warm, chic, and perfect for the upcoming seasons!

Coat || c/o Nautica (same)
Dress || Target (same)
Boots || Marshalls (similar)
Hat || Target (similar)
Sunglasses || Ray Ban (same)

xoxo Lisa


  1. Love the coat! I splurge more in the fall/winter as well! :)


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    1. Thanks girl!
      I was noticing that while I was shopping this past week and thought it would make for a great post!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo Lisa

  2. I love this coat by Nautica, it just looks so thick and warm which is perfect for the upcoming months! Nice post Lisa!

    Love, Karina
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