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I'm SOO excited because I've finally found over the knee boots! I'm still hunting for the perfect black pair - any inexpensive suggestions? I found these at Charlotte Russe for ONLY $25! Can't beat that! I found an amazing black pair at DSW and fell in love but the only problem was I couldn't get them off.. The inside was leather and it was sticking to my skin so my mom literally had to pull and yank them off me while I was holding on to the little seat - how embarrassing!? So those were a no-go because I would not want to go through that every time I wanted to wear them.. But they were so cute!

This outfit is so fun and modern. I love the necktie built into this top paired with the striped skirt, gives a bit of a vintage feel. I envisioned this outfit with black over the knee boots but these khaki ones worked to give an extra pop of 'color'!

Boots || Charlotte Russe (same)
Skirt || Express (similar)
Top || Forever 21 (similar)
Duster || Urban Outfitters (similar)
Sunglasses || Ray Ban (same)

xoxo Lisa


  1. Beautiful! I recommend forever 21, I saw black over the knee boots yesterday! Lol

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  2. Those boots are so cute! I'm going to have to get me some, I love the color of those!

    Love, Karina
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  3. What were the boots you tried on at DSW?

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