Blue Hair!?

5:40 PM Lisa Prang 2 Comments

Hey everyone! 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend - mine was super eventful! I went to the beach with Tyler and our friends Joe & Megan for Grand Haven's coast guard festival. There were so many people there that we had to park like 4 miles away and walk to town and the beach. We had a great time people watching, hanging out, and watching fireworks.

Last Friday I also found my old hair extensions and decided to spend the day at my sisters salon coloring them and experimenting with different hairstyles. I felt like I just needed a little change and thought these extensions were the perfect edge I was looking for without them being permanent. 

I was super excited to start styling outfits with the colored hair extensions that I have planed so many exciting looks! This outfit is great for the warm summer days even though it's a long sleeve shirt. It's flowy and light-weight and the details of the accessories really tie in the bohemian vibe. A trick for longer maxi skirts is to tie a knot on the side to keep cool and to show off your heels! 

Top || Johnny Was Clothing (similar)
Skirt || Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes || Forever 21 (similar)
Purse || c/o T-shirt & Jeans (similar)
Sunglasses (same)

xoxo Lisa 


  1. You look amazing as always! I love doing that to my maxi skirts as well! :)

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  2. You rock the boho look so well! I love the blue hair too, you're convincing me to get extensions just to add color without being permanent! So fun!

    Love, Karina
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