Carnival Cruise

12:37 PM Lisa Prang 4 Comments

Hey everyone!

It has felt like forever since I last posted! While on vacation we went one week without any internet or wifi. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to last without posting on Instagram but turns out that week was much needed. I think everyone needs to try a week without their phone or computer, it's so refreshing! Anyway... This past week I spent time with my boyfriends family on a Carnival Cruise across the Gulf of Mexico seeing Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. The people were so nice and the scenery was beautiful! Take a peak inside my trip and scroll some of our photos! 

xoxo Lisa


  1. These pictures are beautiful! Great bathing suits :)

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  2. Looks so beautiful and amazing Lisa! So glad you had an amazing time!

    Love, Karina
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