Tie-Dye T-Shirt Dress

2:33 PM Lisa Prang 10 Comments

Hey everyone!

Recently I've noticed myself buying a lot of tie-dye. I totally never thought this would come back in style but I'm absolutely loving it! This blue dress is the epitome of comfortable! I highly recommend t-shirt dressed this spring and summer. They are easily able to be dressed up or down and ensure comfort all day long. Mine along with everything else I'm wearing (excluding sunglasses and sandals) is from Pitaya, one of the cutest boutiques I've ever been to - and might I add this whole outfit was under $100 (excluding sunglasses and sandals).

Dress || c/o Pitaya (same)
Watch || c/o Pitaya (similar)
Necklace || c/o Pitaya (similar)
Purse || c/o Pitaya (similar)
Sandals || Forever 21 (similar)
Sunglasses || c/o Polette (same)

xoxo Lisa


  1. I'm such a big fan of t-shirt dresses because of the way you can dress them up and down. This one looks perfect on you!

    Love, Karina
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  2. You seriously look so cute in all of your winter gear! And I loooove that jacket! I wish I had an excuse to buy one, but I don't think I could justify that since I might would only need it once or twice a year down here in the south! Techlazy.com Howmate.com Crazyask.com

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