Full Body Workout

10:11 AM Lisa Prang 2 Comments

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 
Today I thought I would talk a bit about some of my favorite full body workouts.

Since my marathon is over it's been super nice not having to worry about getting so many miles in each day. Everyday I like to switch up my routine and do something new - I tend to feel my best after a full body workout, so here is a workout that I would typically do:

15 minute jog

1 minute jumprope
10 burpees
15 squats
1 minute lunges
1 minute jumprope
30 second plank
30 second high knees
50 russian twists
10 push-ups
1 minute jumprope
15 jumping squats
10 burpees
25 sit-ups

repeat 2x


I am in no way a professional or anything, this is just a workout I like to do! If you are feeling a full body workout, definitely try this one out and let me know how it goes! 

Tip: if you are running in the wrong shoes you are likely to injure your knees and hips! If you are running long distance I recommend wearing Saucony, Brooks, or Asics. For short distance or for the gym, I recommend Pumas (mine are from Robert Wayne Footwear HERE) or Nike. 

Shoes || Puma - Robert Wayne Footwear (same)
Top || QTee (similar)
Spandex || Nike (same)

xoxo Lisa


  1. You go girl! Your back looks amazing!

    Love, Karina
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