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Hey everyone!

It's in my blood to workout and exercise. My dad inspired me to start doing triathlons and marathons and to fit exercise into my daily life. Ever since I was young I always compared myself to others saying oh I wish I had stick legs, or oh I wish my arms weren't so muscular (I blame high school swimming for that) and thinking man I wish I was thinner. Let me tell you, the mind is overpowering and you are your own worst critic. As I get older I still tend to compare myself and have days where I feel low but I'm in the process of getting that thought out of my head and learning to love my body.  Life's to short to be unhappy! God made us all different and we just have to embrace that! Don't get me wrong I LOVE me some good soft serve vanilla ice cream (I could eat it everyday) but something about eating healthy just makes you feel so much better! MODERATION PEOPLE! That's key.

I was recently sent these fabulous blue cobalt legging from Albion Fit. Let me tell you, the first time I ran in them I felt amazing. The fit, stretch, and comfort of these pants are unbelievable! A lot of athletic leggings I've owned in the past usually ride down quickly after I start running. I had the best luck with these Albion Fit leggings, because I didn't have to pull them up and get distracted during my run. It's safe to say Albion Fit changed my view on athletic leggings!

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LMP Collections is now going to be adding in some athletic and fitness posts once in a while, so stay tuned for some of my favorite fitness routines!

Leggings || Albion Fit (same)
Tank || Marshall's (similar)
Shoes || Saucony (similar)

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