Spring Look for Less!

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Hey everyone!

It was a busy weekend for sure! My sister, her friend Abby, and I spent the weekend in Chicago shopping and spending time at America's Beauty Show! It was a short trip but ended up being a ton of fun! Be on the look out for a blog post / YouTube video dedicated to our trip later this week!

Now about this fabulous spring outfit. Both the dress and platform sandals are from Twice (Twice sells and buys premium secondhand fashion (clothing, handbags, and shoes). Be sure to click HERE and receive 50% off your first order. Any Kate Spade lovers? Well these sandals are Kate Spade believe it or not! I absolutely adore Kate Spade but since the prices are so expensive, I haven't had the chance to own any items! Thanks to Twice, I bought these beauties discounted in perfect condition (I kid you not, perfect condition!). This whole outfit just screams spring. As I was scrolling Twice's website I spotted this Kensie dress and thought it would go perfect with the sandals, so of course these items needed to be blogged together! This outfit would be great for a simple easter Sunday look!

Dress || Kensie - Twice (similar)
Sandals || Kate Spade - Twice (similar)
Purse || Pitaya (similar)
Necklace || Luxe Statements (same)

xoxo Lisa

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  1. Yes, this outfit totally screams Spring! You look gorgeous as always Lisa!

    Love, Karina
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