Over Achiever Dress

4:42 PM Lisa Prang 3 Comments

Hey everyone!

This week has been super busy for me! Finals, finals, and more finals! Luckily next week is spring break and I can start trying to relax and photograph more outfits for you all! I haven't had a single day of relaxation since a few months ago. Being a teenager, going to school, working, and having a passion for fashion can be very busy! Busy is good though, I'd rather be busy than bored :)

Spring is finally rolling in and it's time to pull out the off-white and white dresses! This amazing 'Over Achiever' dress is from Flourish Boutique. I absolutely love the detailing to this dress. The lace, tulle, and color make me so happy. If you want to buy this dress or other cute spring items, use my code LISA25 at Flourish Boutique for 25% off your order!

Dress || Flourish Boutique (same)
Hat || Anthropologie (same)
Booties || Steve Madden - Nordstrom (same)
Necklace || Pitaya (similar)

xoxo Lisa