Vintage Mismatched Layers

8:59 AM Lisa Prang 2 Comments

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!

Lately here in Michigan we have been experiencing odd weather. Its been pretty warm - in the 30's and 40's. Normally at this time of year it's below freezing and a foot of snow on the ground. To embrace the weather, I've been playing around with layers. I found this lightweight patterned top and wasn't sure how to wear it in the "winter" so I added a basic dress underneath and polka-dot tights, because hey, why not? With booties, a cool braided hairdo, and daintily necklaces, I thought this vintage mismatched look was comfortable and fun. Sometimes you just have to be creative and put items together that maybe you thought didn't go.

Top || Hollister Co.
Dress || Forever 21
Booties || H&M
Tights || Target
Necklaces || Pink Slate Boutique
Purse || Emma Fox - Marshalls

xoxo Lisa


  1. Such a cute look and your hair, I LOVE it!!!! So pretty and creative.

    Check out my new look :)

  2. You are rocking this boho chic look! I love how you braid your hair, I wish I could do that!

    Love, Karina