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If you haven't read yet on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, my collaboration with R.Riveter has begun! I'm so beyond thankful and proud to share their story:
On average military families are relocated every 2.9 years, that’s about ten times the amount of their civilian counterparts! This makes it very difficult for the spouse to pursue a single career or gain work experience. R Riveter is founded on Rosie the Riveter’s “we can do it” attitude, which seeks to empower military spouses through flexible and mobile employment. Their handbags are 100% American made solely by military spouses using recycled military materials like duffel bags, wool blankets and shelter halves which bring together character and history in a product made entirely by hand. 

They launched their Kickstarter on September 12th and could really use your help to spread the word. HERE is the link for more information which includes a video and bullet points on why the items are unique - There is 23 days left to donate - Every dollar helps!
absolutely love my R.Riveter satchel.
simplicity of it is something I adore. Knowing its entirely american handmade is something to cherish. I couldn't decide which outfit to style it with so below I show two. I wore a pair of my favorite boyfrind jeans, a plain/striped top, simple jewlary, and flats. A simplistic outfit give off that all-American vibe.Within the next few weeks and months I'm excited to post more outfits with my bag.
Stay tuned and make sure to check out R.Riveter and help out their kickstarter!

Purse || R.Riveter
Jeans || H&M
Grey Top || Forever 21 - Striped Top || Marshalls
Flats || The Shoe Carnival
Jewlary || Francesca's / Charlotte Russe / The Pink Slate Boutique 

Connect with R.Riveter:

xoxo Lisa


  1. Love the bag! So cool and unique and definitely love the way you styled both outfits!


    Check out my latest!

  2. I definitely love the whole message behind the bag and the bag is fabulous! Both outfits look great.

    xo, Kina

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