Boyfriend Shorts & Lace

6:05 PM Lisa Prang 5 Comments

My boyfriends shorts? What..? Kidding!

LOVE the fit of AEO's boyfriend shorts. They are comfortable and easy to wear for just about anything! For the days I want to be ' comfortable' this is what I wear. A simple lace top, comfy shorts, layered necklaces and sandals. Who knew being comfortable could be this stylish right? I say this because I get that a lot, "why not just wear sweats" and to answer that it's because when I feel put together I feel like I can accomplish so much more in the day! TRUST ME. Try my method instead of sweats and I promise you'll feel more productive!

- For you sweat pant lovers, maybe I'll post soon about styling up your sweats!

Top / Sandals || Forever 21
Shorts / Necklaces || American Eagle

xoxo Lisa


  1. YESSS I feel the same exact way! Some people will ask me why I'm all dressed up but I mean I feel so much more comfortable and confident if I'm wearing something I love! I feel like I can take on the world (and the room that badly needs cleaning) !

  2. the top is gorgeous!

    xo, Kina

  3. Your top is so pretty, brings such a
    girly look to the whole outfit!

  4. Love the lace!
    My best friend got the same shorts and she loves the fit as well!
    I agree with you about the sweat pants! Lol

    New post is up :)