Dowling Brothers Bracelet

11:13 AM Lisa Prang 5 Comments

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

For my birthday I received a Dowling Bros anchor bracelet from my boyfriend. His brother actually had one first then we both wanted one and I was excited when I got it for my birthday! It's really comfortable leather and matches with just about anything I wear! I love that they make the bracelets for both guys and girls. The color options are endless too. I recommend buying one of these bracelets for a gift or just for yourself! Since I love it so much I just thought I'd share it with you all!   


(Our Dowling Bros. bracelets in Florida!)

Visit their site by clicking HERE

xoxo Lisa


  1. So cute! Love the pictures and the bracelet looks really comfy and like it would go with anything :)

    New post is up :)

    1. Thanks girl! Can't wait to look at your new posts!

  2. Super cute! love how it can go with everything! :)

    xo, Kina

  3. waw super braclets really and loved so much