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7:50 AM Lisa Prang 4 Comments

Hello everyone!

Recently when I was in Florida I picked up this unique top from Anthropologie. I love how fun and different it is from the other things I own. This top incorporates lace, beading, stitching, and patterns, who wouldn't love it!? Near where I live there are a ton of fields, I took advantage of them during a sunset and posed in this awesome shirt to create a summer vibe. I paired this top with high waisted scalloped shorts from Francesca's and orange earrings for a pop of color. I love the shirt alone so I wanted it to be the main focus instead of a different article of clothing, hence the simplicity.

Hope you enjoy

Top || Anthropologie
Shorts || Francesca's

Let me know what you think!

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Have a great day -
xoxo Lisa


  1. so so cute! I love the shorts, they're pretty!

    xo, Kina

  2. Love the pictures the came out so pretty!! and that top is adorable! <3

    Wendy C.