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8:19 AM Lisa Prang 9 Comments

Hello! Hope everyones day is off to a great start!

Yesterday I took a trip to a local thrift store with a friend and we found some pretty awesome gems! I know some people think it's weird to buy other peoples things but I think it's so cool to find things basically 90% off! I got four things yesterday when we went, but this post will be showing off just two. First I found this Tommy Hilfiger button down still with the tags. I found the same top on Tommy Hilfger's website valuing at $74.50 and I only paid $8! Secondly I found this blueish satchel bag for $9.99 and found the same one on Targets website valuing $39.99! All together my savings on these two items values about $96.50! It may be strange but it makes me super excited to find gems like these in perfect condition for a killer price! I just decided to add a J.Crew statement necklace and striped skirt and Nine West heels to complete my outfit.

Let me know what you think!
& If you have awesome thrift store finds I'd love to see!

Get this look for $171+ on Lookastic
Top || Tommy Hilfiger 
Skit / Necklace || J.Crew
Heels || Nine West
Purse || Target

Please comment below telling me your thoughts on this outfit
I love hearing what you think!

xoxo Lisa


  1. I'm completely in love with this look!! the saving make it even better! <3

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I definitely love this outfit too! Saving is always a plus<3

  2. I love thrifting and I know the feeling of finding an awesome gem! It's great! Pretty finds Lisa!

    love always,

    1. Thank youu! Awesome feeling finding killer deals for sure!

  3. you look so good in this, this preppy style looks so cute on you
    and lets talk about finding great deals!!!!! I love that feeling :)
    it happens to me quite often lol

    check out my latest post that just went up today<3

    1. Thanks girl! It's an amazing feeling! Makes me want to go back and keep looking! I'll definitely go check out your post!<3