Boyfriend Shorts & Heels

7:43 AM Lisa Prang 5 Comments

It's hump day everyone! The week is almost over!

           Recently I was sent a gift card from American Eagle Outfitters from winning one of their Instagram photo challenges. With the gift card I purchased a few amazing things but my favorite item I bought were these trendy 'boyfriend-fit' shorts! I probably tried on five pairs of them to get my right size to look the way I wanted, because if you ever bought a pair you know what I mean since they're baggy and loose. These are my first boyfriend-fit shorts I have owned, and now I want more! If you're like me and aren't into the super short / tight denim shorts, this style is for you! I love comfort and versatility in the things I wear, and these shorts are now my go-to's when looking for something to just slip on when I'm in a hurry but still want to look stylish.

          However, enough about the shorts, what about these super cute heals! They were basically a steal! These Nine West Heals were yellow dotted at Yonkers and my mom let use a gift card of hers so my grand total of my own money was only $7! Too cool right? So to sum up this look I was going for a chic and casual style, for those girls who don't think they have enough time in the mornings. This outfit could be easily warn for just about anything and you will surely be satisfied because the comfort level is 100%!

Take a look:


Shorts / Sunglasses || American Eagle 
Top || Marshall's
Heals || Nine West
Purse || Coach
Necklace || Macy's

xoxo Lisa


  1. you are soo pretty lisa! I love the boyfriend jean shorts, i have boyfriend jeans but I think i'll give the shorts a try. nice outfit!

    love always,

    1. Thanks so much! They are defienitily worth it! So comfy <3

  2. this is by far one of my favorite looks, looks super comfy and chic! You look beautiful and your pictures came out amazing! <3 definitely helped me figure out what to wear with bf shorts, I'm probably gonna go buy myself a few pairs now lol.

    1. Yeah girl! You work at AE so I'm surprised you don't have any!! They were so cheap too! You could for sure rock them! <3 thanks girl