On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

9:12 PM Lisa Prang 10 Comments

Happy Wednesday!

In honor of Mean Girls 10th anniversary I thought it was appropriate to wear this fun and flirty pink skirt! I just recently bought this skirt down in Ohio when I was there for the marathon I  was running! Who can go on "vacation" and not go shopping right?!

I was so happy to find this gem of a skirt at Francesca's. I really adore everything at that store and could own everything there if I was able! I love that it is high waisted and kind of poofs out. The pattern ins't too crazy and eye distracting so I would say this is my favorite skirt in my closet so far.   

I paired this gem with a cropped top that has a wide open knotted back. I love how simple this top is in the front, and then when you look at the back it's open and flirty. I styled this outfit plain-jane then went back and added a few accessories to make it pop.


Take a look at how I styled this skirt


Skirt || Francesca's
Top || Hollister Co.
Necklace & Flip Flops || Charlotte Russe 
Purse || Forever 21

xoxo Lisa


  1. That top is so cute, and I love how the navy looks with the skirt! BTW totally loving your low bun in the first pictures

    1. Thanks so much girl! I've been loving the low buns too lately! <3

  2. very cute! you're definitely rocking this look!

    love always,


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  4. beautiful smile!

  5. Can't get enough of that crop top, so pretty! I love the low bun in the first few pictures so classy and simple.

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