Nikon D3100 Camera Test

5:11 PM Lisa Prang 7 Comments

 I'm so excited now that I figured out my dads big Nikon camera!
Before I was just using a small Cannon point and shoot. Now that I got this bad boy working I hope my photos will be better looking in future posts! Take a look at my first fashion post that has decent quality photos (the shirt is not flattering haha)! 


Pants || Target
Top || Express
Purse || Coach
Sandals || Tommy Hilfiger
Watch || Fossil
Necklace || Forever 21

xoxo Lisa


  1. Yayyy so happy you fogured out the camera! See YouTube can be your bff when it comes to figuring out how to use things lol. Love your new sandals, so cute!

    1. Thanks so much! <3 I hope I can get a remote soon! The ones I saw were kinda expensive!

  2. definitely cute! you're soo pretty! <3 can't wait for even more posts with the new cam! :D

    love always,

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