Thrift Store High-waisted Jeans

6:47 PM Lisa Prang 6 Comments

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a great weekend

This weekend I stopped by a local thrift store. I found some really cool treasures but my favorite buy was these amazing high-waisted black jeans. I originally was thinking of making them into shorts for the summer, but when I got home I fell in love with them just as jeans. I bought other things this weekend at the thrift store that I'm going to turn into DIYs but these jean were perfect the way they were. Paying $1 for these bad boys was a steel! I know some people think it's weird buying used clothing, but honestly who cares! If it looks good and it fits BUY IT!

Take a look at the few ways I styled these amazingly-awesome jeans  


Lace cropped top & white top || Hollister Co.
Button-up & jewelry || American Eagle
Flats || Old Navy
Scarf || Glamour (got it when subscribing to the magazine)
Purse || Coach 

These jeans are my favorite - I say that about all new things I buy but seriously, my fav! They are a natural rise on my hips and I love that. In my next few posts I will be showing other thrift store finds and how I turn them into up-to-date pieces, so stay tuned. Hope you all have a great week ahead and maybe you will be inspired to take a peak at your local thrift stores / Salvation Army / Goodwill.

xoxo Lisa


  1. very cute look!
    i love the pop of color you have going on
    and you definitely have the body for this look as well :)

    check my blog out, i just posted a new look today :)

    1. Thanks so much! You're always so sweet! I will for sure go check your blog out

  2. i lovee this! the jeans look perfect on you! Definitely a great find! <3

    love always,

  3. Lovely shirt and perfect jeans! Great casual look!