Valentines Outfit Ideas

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Happy Tuesday!
Valentines Day is on Friday! How exciting! I personally am so excited for it. I have been in an amazing relationship for more than two years. For all you girls who have plans for Valentines Day, sometimes it's difficult to figure out what to wear. When I think Valentines Day I think the colors pink and red, so I have decided to put a few outfits together withs pops of red and pink! I hope you enjoy and have more of an idea of what to wear for Valentines Day after reading this post! 

Outfit One:

Jeans || Urban Outfitters
Blouse || New York & Company
Also my red lip stain is Clinique

Outfit Two:

Jacket & necklace || Forever 21
Jeans || Urban Outfitters
Outfits one & two booties || Forever 21

Outfit three:

Blazer || Forever 21
Pixie pants || Target
Necklace || American Eagle
Flats || Old Navy

Outfit four:

Jeans || Urban Outfitters
Denim jacket || Hollister Co.
Top || Express
Scarf || Calvin Klein
Booties || J.Crew
Bow || Forever 21

These are just a few ideas for a cute and casual Valentines Day outfit.
Hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to let me know which outfit was your favorite.
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Hope you have a great Valentines Day!

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xoxo Lisa  


  1. I definitely loved the 2nd and 4th outfit! your hair is soo gorgeous! the bow in your hair was a cute touch. love the extra cuteness for the more casual outfit! great ideas hun! i would definitely love your pics or the contest but I don't have facebook! :/ is it facebook only?! well good luck to you! :)

    love always,

    1. Thank you Karina! You're so sweet! I'm pretty sure it's thru Facebook :/ But the thought counts! It's harder to get loves than I thought :( but it's okay! Whatever is meant to be will be! :)

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    1. Thank you! That leather jacket is so comfy too

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