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Happy Superbowl Sunday!
Hope you all are keeping warm and cozy today while watching the Superbowl (well at least all you living in the north that is haha)! Sadly there are still six weeks left until spring. I am all about winter but only for the first few weeks. I'm so ready for summer and ready to get back to cute summer outfits. At this point I just want to be cozy and comfortable. I recently bought a new sweatshirt and I'm obsessed. I want to wear it everyday, which is strange because I hardly wear sweatshirts or hoodies. I thought I'd share some ways I have worn my new super comfy hoodie, and hope to inspire all you to wear your fav hoodie in various ways! 

My awesomely amazing hoodie || Hollister Co.

The first look is my cozy style, for some reason I refuse to wear sweats out of the house,
so leggings are the closest I get to sweats!

Detroit Tigers hat || Lids
Leggings || Under Armour
Slouchy bag || Pink || Victorias Secret
My shoes are super old (like years old)

The second look is still comfortable yet looks put together.

Acid washed denim shirt || Hollister Co.
Bleached patterned jeans || Target
Flats || Old Navy

The third look is my favorite, I'm in love with my vest.

Vest || Forever 21
Pants || Target
Boots || Steve Madden || DSW

Lastly this outfit was kind of randomly put together
I already had the hoodie on, then I saw these pants in my closet because I forgot I had them. So I put them on and was like oh my gosh this actually looks cool I'm totally wearing this for a blog post. So thats that haha.

Scarf || H&M
Pants || LA : HEARTS || Pac Sun
Booties || Steve Madden || Nordstrom 

I hope you all have some ideas now for styling your fav hoodie!
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Let me know your favorite look from this post!

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the Superbowl!

xoxo Lisa