From Bed Head To Natural Curls

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Hello Everyone!
So today I would like to share my hair routine! On a normal day for classes or for running around I typically straighten or curl my hair. Since I've been doing that for a while now my hair has been starting to look dry and unhealthy. When I was younger I had ringlet curls, and of course I wanted naturally straight hair at that time. However, now that I'm older and realize, I would die to have that healthy hair back. So this week I wore my hair natural everyday trying to get my curls back. Not waking up out of bed and brushing it natural though, don't get me wrong those who can do it are so lucky but that for sure doesn't work for me and you'll see why in my photos below! Take a look at the products I use and my natural hair routine for this week!

Products I used:
Bed Head - On The Rebound || curl recall cream ensuring soft and defined ringlets 
Redken - Quick Dry || fast drying finishing spray
Bed Head - Spoil Me || defrizzer and smoothing hairspray
Pro-Dry || blow dryer

*All these things can be bought at hair salons that use and sell TIGI & Redken products. OR an Ulta store // beauty supply store that sells these brands. (Lucky for me my sister is a cosmetologist and has all the connections to amazing hair products!)

Make sure when you wake up you brush your hair before showering.
(Hence why I don't wake up and just brush it haha!)

Next, shower and make sure to wash your hair well, I use Bed Head's Colour Goddess shampoo and conditioner. I don't dye my whole head but I do get high and low lights in the winter so I like to make sure my color stays healthy.

Make sure not to brush your hair once you get out of the shower, to keep the natural waves.

Next, use the curl rebound cream

Depending how much hair you have I usually use about a nickel or quarter size amount 

  Rub cream on hands and scrunch all your hair while it's wet for about a minute

After scrunching your hair while it's wet, do the same while using the blow dryer. I keep mine on high heat and low air. Some people prefer a defuser to put on their blowdryer but I personally don't care for them because it makes my hair more frizzy, but if a defuser works for you go ahead and use that. However, I use my hands to scrunch to make sure my curls are controlled.

After it's mostly dry I blow dry the front/top of my hair to push back any baby frizzies and to add volume. 

After your hair is for the most part dry I use the spoil me defrizzer spray to make sure my hair looks soft and shiny.

Finally after the defrizzer I top it off with the finishing spray to ensure hold throughout the crazy day ahead!

Tadaaa. Done! 
It has felt good keeping it natural these past few days and I encourage everyone to try a week without damaging irons! My routine may have seemed long but I swear it goes by quicker than all my photos make it look. My hair already feels healthier and I can't wait to do this again.

Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Lisa 


  1. Im in desperate need of your help with my frizzy curl hair, yours looks so cute and voluminous. love the tutorial very helpful!

    1. I'm so glad I could help! You're hair never looks frizzy tho!