Okay. So it's probably an understatement if I say this is the coolest sweater I have ever seen and by all means, ever owned! I think it's the sweater of my dreams to be honest! I have recently been obsessed with sequin everything + I've been bringing tons of colors back into my wardrobe so, like I said, SWEATER OF MY DREAMS! 

This sweater is from the Tesoro Collective brand which is curated by Liliana Vazquez. Who, if you watch the Today Show, is a contributor for them as well as Access Hollywood! I've grown up watching the Today Show, so I have looked up to Liliana since she's been apart of the show!

I styled The Paillete Sweater with a wide leg pink pant, beret, and sneakers for a fun street style look!

Use code "TESOROVIP" for 25% off your entire order!

xoxo Lisa

PBteen Bedroom!

In all my years of blogging I've never showed you guys my room!
Today I teamed up with PBteen and did a little revamp of my bed area! Thanks to PBteen for providing such fun bedding, pillows, and a cute boho tassel garland!

My room is not the biggest of rooms however, I really love decking out the space that I do have. A lot of my creative ideas usually evolve while hanging out in my room, so that's why I love being in a space that is not only inspiring, but comfy and cozy as well! 

xoxo Lisa


New year. New resolutions. 

Teaming up today with Blowfish Malibu and Mallory Morris of Mallory on the Moon. Blowfish challenged Mallory and I to choosing a New Years resolution --

I could go on and on about all the work / blog related things I'd love to accomplish this year however, my main goal is to help promote and support other boss babes and dudes! Sometimes I feel that social media can almost become competition and sure, it keeps us striving to do better, dreaming bigger, and working harder however, it's NO fun wasting time comparing and feeling jealous of those who are trying to reach the same goal.

It's time to work together, give a compliment, and congratulate those who succeed. Social media has been such a blessing for bringing so many amazing friends into my life! One of my favorite things is meeting IG besties and then becoming ACTUAL best friends in real life after meeting and creating awesome content together! Collaboration is key. Connecting is key. And being kind is key!

It's time we push aside the competition and strive to put emphasis on collaboration!

Heres to a beautiful year of meeting new friends and creating inspiring content!


xoxo Lisa


2018 Makeup Resolution with Meijer!

HAPPY 2018! & also a big happy birthday to LMP Collections! LMPC turns 4!
Hope you all had a great holiday season and wish you all a very happy new year! 

Today I'm back with Meijer! Talking a bit about one of my resolutions for this year. I'm not one to make any crazy resolutions however, I did make a few personal ones this year! One is: Not being afraid to try new things, even if they are smaller things. Meijer challenged me to try out a new makeup look this season. If you know me, I stick to my day-to-day simple makeup routine. Takes me about 5 minutes. I use the typical foundation, concealer, powder, and blush and then spruce up my thick brows, add some mascara and then throw on a pair of sunglasses and call it a day. lol! I do occasionally add a bit of a bronze shimmer eyeshadow however, I typically shy away from doing anything in depth or colorful!

I'm not sure why, however, doing full glam kind of scares me! My eyes are pretty small so in the past whenever I've done glam, I feel as if it kind of over powers my eyes or looks too dark! 

Like I mentioned, trying new things is one of my goals this year - Even something as small as trying a new makeup look here or there that gets me out of my comfort zone! I choose to go for a more subtle smokey eye (well to me this is like full glam haha!). I've been seeing so many trendy and beautiful smokey eye looks while scrolling on Pinterest lately that I decided to go for it! 

I focused on using colors I was already comfortable with and then decided to throw in a few new products I've never tried! The NYX Jumbo eye pencil is seriously life changing. You don't even need an eyeshadow brush. It's a super simple way to apply the prettiest shimmer!

Thanks to Meijer for getting me out of my comfort zone to kick off the year! Looking forward to sharing with you all some more fun resolutions soon! Stay tuned!

xoxo Lisa

Post in collaboration with Meijer -- #ad