Gift Guide for Your Gal(s)!

CAN YOU BELIVE IT! Christmas is so close!

Today I'm sharing with y'all my gift guide for your bff, girlfriend, mom, or any awesome lady in your life! I'm so thankful for all my gals and these are some gifts I would buy and have bought for them!

ps. Thank goodness for social media! I met Taylor aka (Scandalously Unpunctual) on the gram a few months back and ever since we've been such great friends! It's so fun to have a blogger gal pal located in the same city! Check out her blog here!

See below for my gift guide!


For the Coffee Lovers!

For the Studious! 

For the Fashionista 

For the Relaxer!

For the Pet Owner!

For the Beauty Queen!

xoxo Lisa

Winter Wonderland!

Taking full advantage of the winter snow globe happening outside! 

During winter I get kind of bored with my wardrobe pretty quick, so I try to spice it up by mixing bold prints together! I mixed this Chic Wish wool coat (which, by the way, is the coolest coat by far I've ever owned) with a velvet floral jumper! Two items I'm sure a lot of you may not think to pair however, add a soild color hat, and fur scarf, and it's totally transformed into something so unique and winter chic!

Coat | Jumper | Boots | Hat

xoxo Lisa

Summer in Winter

Happy Saturday and happy first snow storm of the season! 

I can stand the snow for a good two weeks and then I'm totally over it! Unfortunately, here in Michigan our winters last WAY longer than two weeks. With that said, why not bring in some summer colors to our wardrobe? 

I challenged myself to style this super cute summer colored midi for the cooler temps. Throw on your favorite teddy coat (or any faux fur jacket), winter accessories - aka - a beanie, and some sneakers. VOILA! 

Obviously I wouldn't trek out in the snow in this outfit however, you get the point ;) 

xoxo Lisa

LRB - Little Red Beret

AT LAST! I finally found the perfect little red beret! Who knew berets would be one of the most popular trends right now?! I honestly didn't -- BUT I'M FREAKING OBSESSED. To say the least. haha!

As you may know, I'm a sucker for a bit of a boho vibe in my looks however, I feel like I'm taking a step back this season. Obviously summer makes the boho trend like 96.78% easier to wear however, I'm having fun stepping outside my comfort zone! I tend to always lean back towards a boho flare here or there in each of my looks, however I'm challenge myself to try new things in lieu of 2018 quickly approaching! AND NOOO, that doesn't mean my boho looks are disappearing, don't you worry!

"Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know."

& amen to that! I challenge you all, YES YOU! to try something new today. Whether it's trying a new food, wearing a LRB, or even giving someone a compliment!

As for todays look, let's just describe it as I did in my Instagram story: Casual chic meets gangsta? LOL. I have no idea where that came from however, Casual: it's totally comfortable / Chic: we have a bit of a holiday NYE glam going on / Gangsta: the more masculine shape pant? Sometimes I totally blank and ramble on IG Stories so there you have it, a casual chic gangsta outfit featuring the coolest LRB ;)

xoxo Lisa