NYC Day #4 Recap!

Day #4! Our last day in NYC was a blast! 
From epic views, to shopping, and eating good food, we rounded out our trip with a bang!

We started out our day sleeping in of course then heading out for lunch! Averie and I went to by Chloe, seriously the best vegan "fast food" I've ever had. I recommend going at least once in your life! I got a guacamole veggie burger that I've been craving ever since! After lunch we walked around town and then went to The Crown hotel to check out this epic skyline view and delicious bar to get drinks to celebrate an awesome week!

After drinks we went shopping at Zara and Top Shop then headed back to the hotel to change - since it was seriously so hot out! I changed into this floral midi dress I bought from Zara and we headed back out, took pics, and eventually found a cute spot for dinner!

Thanks for reading along! 
That's a wrap of my time in NYC!

xoxo Lisa

NYC Day #3 Recap!

Second to last NYC post coming at ya this sunny Thursday afternoon! LITERALLY THOUGH, so hot outside here in Michigan for September! It's nuts. 90 degrees.

Anyway.. I'm already missing New York so much! I got an extreme case of the travel bug once I got back home and looking back at all these photos makes me want book like a million trips asap!

So our 3rd day in NYC was probably my most busy of the 4 full days we were there! We woke up around 5:30am and got ready and then headed out in a taxi to the Brooklyn Bridge. We just totally wanted to get some cool typical NY photo shoots on our trip and this location was by far one of my favorites! This first look was taken in Dumbo, NY. This little street is famous in lots of movies and tv shows, aka - Gossip Girl! I'm pretty sure this is the Manhattan Bridge though. 

I wore a vintage style silky material dress from Nasty Gal paired with a hat and heels. This specific hat I think I wore everyday on the trip.. NO SHAME!

We then changed outfits and took a quick walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge-

Goll, not sure if I'm biased because these are my photos but.. I think they came out super awesome! It's not everyday you see massive bridges like these in Michigan, so the bridge + that skyline view + this pattern mixed outfit just equals pure magic!

I mixed a boohoo printed dress with an oversized fit blazer from Nasty Gal. 
I of course added all my favorite accessories and these trendy black studded booties!

After our shoots, we headed back to the hotel where I then only had about 45 minutes to freshen up for my meeting with essence makeup! I quickly called an uber and then headed across town!

For those who are new to my blog, hey hey hey! If you haven't been following me for very long you may not have known that about two years ago I was apart of the launch of essence makeup in the USA and Canada! I was one of only a few stylists who promoted and took pictures wearing essence makeup! I was featured in Ulta and Target stores all around the country! It was such an incredible experience and had always kept close ties to those I worked with while working on that project!

I was finally able to make it to the essence offices and met a few of the lovely people behind the brand! We hung out, ate delicious food, and played with tons of new products that will be launching this fall! I even was able to be apart of the behind the scenes of naming a few of the upcoming product palettes!  

This view! The entire essence office we were in had this epic view!
I couldn't resist snapping a few photos!

After my meeting, I headed back to the hotel to hangout with the girls before we headed out for the night, of course taking a few photos, then grabbing a bite to eat! We ended up at the Butchers Daughter and then did a little shopping afterwards!

That's a wrap for day #3!
Stay tuned for my final NYC day #4 recap!

xoxo Lisa

NYC / NYFW Day #2 Recap!

DAY 2!

Recapping day 2 of my week in NYC! Be sure to check out Day 1 HERE.

On day 2 we woke up and got ready, picked out our outfits to wear to the show and headed out on the town! Firstly before our show, we stopped for a quick bite to eat at Cafe Midi where I had the best avocado toast evaaa. Sun dried tomatoes + greens + lemon. YUM. 

Day 2 was the first day I started my zeroUV Instagram takeover as well! 
I took over their IG story and posted twice on their feed --

Our event on Day 2 was a runway show for Bradelis, a beautiful lingerie brand. Bradelis is an international brand that uses japanese sewing techniques. This show was by far my favorite of the two shows we saw while there. The models were stunning and the event space was epic!

We even got asked to interview after the show which apparently was steaming on a NYFW site!
To the show I wore a really fun embroidered Anthropologie skirt paried with a graphic tee and you got it, a camo jacket! I've NEVER ever in my entire life owned anything camo, I'm just not a huge fan however, this Zara jacket gives me life!

After the show we headed back to the hotel, relaxed for a bit and then headed off to dinner and of course out for a few photos! To dinner I wore a simpler look. I paired a pair of red pants with all things pink toned! We anded up at Antique Garage for dinner and it was probably the best meal I had there! The chicken was served on kabob sticks with veggies and came with a side of rice and fries?! It seemed like such a strange combo for sides but it was great!

That's a wrap for day #2
Stay tuned for day #3!

xoxo Lisa

NYC / NYFW Day #1 Recap!


So excited to finally share all my pictures from NYC! This past week I flew to the city with two of my blogger friends, Averie and Lexi! We decided pretty last minute to go for fashion week and I'm so glad we did. We went for the last two days of fashion week and were able to catch a few shows and see some great designs! While there I also did a few personal projects like taking over ZeroUV's Instagram and checking out the essence makeup offices! However, you'll just have to stay tuned for Days #2 and #3 to hear more about those! We spent the week finding amazing places to eat, taking TONS of photos, and walking until our feet were covered in blisters!

Check out what we did on day #1:

Whenever I arrive to NYC Taylor Swifts "Welcome to New York" song immediately plays in my head. And what's travel without documenting what outfit you traveled in? haha! This look above is what I wore on the plane Tuesday morning. The flight from Chicago to NY is pretty short, we woke up at 3:45 to catch our early morning flight, so comfort was definitely what I was going for! Printed loose fit joggers, a graphic tee, and studded boots was my outfit of choice and I added a long cardigan and leather jacket because, more layers the better, and the more weight I could fit in my luggage! Literally all of our suitcases were maxed out in weight so Averie and I decided to split a second one... oops haha!

So since we got to the hotel pretty early, we weren't able to check in yet so we stored our luggage and packed up our outfits to wear for the day. We headed across town to where Olivia Rink was staying and we all did our hair on got dressed there! We literally looked like bag ladies walking down the streets. I had my backpack with my camera and laptop, my cross body purse, and a larger bag full with my hair products, makeup, and clothes! I ended up wearing this gorgeous printed Marie La Mode maxi paired with a fun oversized blazer jacket and floral cross body. 

I wore this look out with Averie for a quick bite to eat. We ended up checking out De Maria and we both got a "Tiger Bowl" -- Filled with coconut grains, salmon, avocado, and other yumminess! 

After lunch we headed back to the hotel, got checked in, and got ready for our first show! I wore a beautiful black maxi length dress via Anthropologie. Definitely one of my new faves. That night we were all invited to the BERENIK presentation where they had their collection displayed. We were lucky because they switched the show date from the 7th to the 12th! The models were epic and their makeup was super unique and fun. If you saw my Instagram story that night, you saw the cool moves they all did. They had models lined along the walls, and then two runways where they danced. Since it was a presentation we were able to walk through it all up close and personal! Check it out -- 

After the show we stopped to take a few pictures before dark and then got a quick bite to eat before heading back to the hotel for the night!

That's a wrap for day #1
Check back tomorrow for day #2!

xoxo Lisa