How To Create a Refreshed Space with Decor!

What's up!? It's been a minute since I've written a blog post! Today I wanted to share a few small updates I've made to my apartment. Lately I've been feeling like my space is just getting TOO cluttered and I was in need of a simpler atmosphere. In this post I'm going to share how just a few simple details can really refresh your space.

I teamed up with PBteen to share some tips with you all on how you can
do a room refresh with just a few simple changes!


So as you may know, I moved into my first apartment July of 2018 and I CANNOT FATHOM that it's been this long and I'm already planning to move in May (I'll fill you in on that in asap). SO with that said, I only have 2 months left in this space. I'm actually really sad to be honest because I really love this apartment and I'm so blessed to have had such a great 1st apartment experience! ANYWAY long story short, I have a lot of stuff and with the short amount of time left  I'm here I just wanted to de-clutter and create a space I can think and re-charge in. 

Here are just a few tips to make your space feel new and refreshed:


Okay, you know I love color and sticking to a "theme" or "scheme" isn't really my thing. But I'm slowing finding out that my fashion and my home decor styles are a bit different. I've been finding out that I am much happier in my space when things are fresh, bright and cohesive.


OKAY. This is a game changer. I personally don't have tons of extra money to throw at continual space makeovers. However, I've been finding that changing out something as simple as a few pillows or blanket can make a space look and feel so much different! SO if you're getting bored with your room, change out the pillows. If you're feeling funky - add some color and in my case, I went with neutrals for a cozy fresh vibe.


Alike pillows, wall decor can be easy to move around quickly for a new look. Or, even just buying one new piece can totally change how your space looks too. I found this AMAZING gold metal wall hang online at PBteen and it not only adds a room focal point but love how it matches my gold PBteen lamp as well. Another element I was super excited about was the light up star piece I put in my living room. It's hangable but I thought just setting it in basket was a more unique and fun way to display it!


Since I do live in an apartment with minimal storage, I've been on the hunt for fun storage that I can put in plain sight that looks beautiful but also serves a purpose. This wood and wire frame basket storage ladder from PBteen has been such a fun addition to my living room. I really needed this to make my space feel more homey. As you can tell I had a bunch of posters on the wall previously and everything was just really cluttered. After cleaning up and adding this in, it really elevated my TV space to look much more modern.

AFTER IMAGES! Much better...

SO glad to finally have an inspiring and fresh space!




Winter Coat Round Up 2018

Winter is in full swing, or at least here in Michigan -- and that means I'm constantly on the hunt for cute new coats and layering jackets to wear 24/7. Lately I've been on either a teddy coat or trench coat kick. They both add such a chic element to any casual look. It's so easy to throw on a statement jacket and call it good. I'd like to say I've collected quite the collection of coats over the past few years and let's just say, my apartment is busting at the seems trying to fit them all. 

If you know me, I'm not one to wear the same coat everyday. Let's just say I like to have ALL the options... Which can get a little pricey but with that said, I think investing in a good coat is always a good idea, especially if you take good care of it, it will last years on end. But back to options, I'm constantly on search for a great deal to keep the collection thriving. 

I've searched some of my favorite online shops and curated a list some of the trendiest, coziest and must-have jacket / coats for the cooler temps. I found some cheaper options for my collection grower soul sistas, as well as pricer pieces for y'all looking for a great quality coat to last forevaa!

xoxo Lisa

Unconventional Rainy Day with Hunter Boots

7am hits and you check outside your window. Yet again, another rainy day. What is your go-to rainy day look? Jeans, knit sweater and rain jacket + boots? I thought so. Let's mix it up, let's pretend it's not raining out. What would you wear? 

Spice up your grey day and add some color to the streets. Keep your favorite rain boots on (mine are these black Hunter boots via Zappos) and grab a rain jacket -- Obviously those are an essential. However, don't let the rain stop you from feelin' some type of way! I paired my Hunter boots with one of my favorite midi dresses, perfect length for those dreaded puddles. Layer up with a cozy sweater overtop and belt or trendy fanny pack for definition. Lastly, per usual, add in those accessories. Scarfs, hats or jewelry -- you decide! But hey, who's going to stop you. Wear your unconventional rainy day look every day of the week. Rain or shine!

The Hunter Play Boot is the newest style from Hunter and offers a fresh take on the
Hunter Original rain boot. The Hunter Play Boot is now available in exclusive colors that you can only get at Zappos!

#sponsored #HunterxZappos 

xoxo Lisa

Summer to Fall Transitioning with YOOX

And here we go again, yet again moving into another season as quick as the last one came. As I get older it seems that the seasons change quicker and quicker and especially living in Michigan, the cooler seasons seem to linger a bit longer than the rest. Summer, can you last a day longer please?

With that said, I'd like to think I've become pretty clever at choosing statement pieces that are great not only for transiting seasons but also wearable throughout the following months. Today I've teamed up with YOOX to style a bold fall forward look -- YOOX offers tons of beautiful hard-to-find clothing and accessories for men and women from the world's most prestigious designers. After browsing their site, I fell in complete love with this Free People Patched Jacket. You all know I love a good print and this jacket makes for the perfect fall statement that every girl needs in her closet.

Why I love printed jackets so much is because, you can take any simple outfit and make a look much more elevated and trendy by just simply throwing it over your shoulders -- Makes it easy and effortless. But don't stop there, kick it up a notch and go wild. I love styling for fall because the layering options are endless. Pair similar toned prints with the jacket and voila, you have a show-stopping look that will last you all season long!

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